"The Deaf Lutheran"

The Deaf Lutheran is the official newsletter of the Interational Lutheran Deaf Association (ILDA).  You can find information about Lutheran Deaf Ministries all over the United States and Canada and even in various parts of the world.  Here is a link to the past issues of the Deaf Lutheran.


"The Open Door" Newsletter

The Open Door newsletter is for Deaf Christians throughout Illinois. Our goal is to keep people informed of Deaf Lutheran events and opportunities. The Open Door is published 6 times per year.  If you would like to submit an article, please contact us.  Click here to download our most recent issue.


"Hands for the Harvest"

Newsletter Our Hands for the Harvest newsletter is aimed at keeping our supporters informed of our work. This newsletter also alerts readers to our ministry needs. Hands for the Harvest is published several times per year. Click here to download our most recent issue.


Please sign up (form on the left side of this page) if you would like to receive an electronic version of either newsletter.  These newsletters are also available through the postal service. Contact us via email or send a note to:

Central Illinois Deaf Ministry
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